And The Results Are In

All right, we put up the info and the Patrons have voted. Now we know what we’re going to be working on for the next few months. Let’s get to the results.


God damn it.

So we somehow wound up with a tie for first place. I then proceeded to do what every project lead does when there’s a tie and flip a coin. It was tails. Christine wins. Congratulations, Christine.

The next chapter of Pandemonium: The Adventure will be Chapter 5!


What the hell is wrong with you people?

Why can’t you just give me a straight answer here? Why does everything have to be a tie? So I flipped another coin. Goat wins. Sanya’s beloved pet is Zeke the Goat.


Okay, so here we got a straight answer. When Chapter 2 begins development, Raptor and Snow Bunny girl will definitely be on the list, with Penguin as a ‘possible’ if we have spare time.


Diving Spiders really stole the lead on Chapter 3. It’s a very big chapter, so I don’t know how many extra monsters will make it in. I’ll leave it to Chicken’s discretion if we have spare time.


No surprise here, Lamia swept this one. I was kind of surprised to see Fennec Fox take second though.

And, well, you know.


So, looks like Dark Matter Girl and Eldritch Dream Girl are a 100% lock. I think Steam Droid will make it in as well, as Chapter 5 had the fewest required monsters. Unagi may or may not, as they perform the same role as the Raiju does, but it sure would be cool to have some swimming through coolant tanks or something.

So, development of Chapter 5 begins immediately. I will be sending off assignments to the artists post-haste and will be getting to work on the mapping and scriptwork ASAP.



Patreon Democracy Update

Infographic 4

That’s right, the time has come to select the next chapter to undergo development. If you’re a 5$ patron or higher, go here and fill out the survey. The poll closes next week, at which point I will release the results and the team will begin working on whichever chapter won.

The bug reports from Chapter 1 have largely slowed down, so I’ll be doing some promotion work this week. If you have any bug reports in v1.03, please let me know on the forums.

Chicken, Urimas, and I also have a secret bit of bonus content, but it’s still under development. Expect more on that as it comes closer to fruition.

Pandemonium v1.03 Released

Today, we have a bugfix release. Click here to get it, or check out the downloads page.

There may or may not be another round of bugfixes next week, depending on if there are any bugs remaining in 1.03. Otherwise, it’s straight onto development of the next chapter.

Speaking of, Chickenwhite is currently finishing up the character redesign work. I will be releasing that as soon as it’s done. We will be doing a Patron Poll next Monday to vote on the next chapter. 5/10 dollar patrons get to vote, so if you’re considering it, this is your last chance as Patreon will begin charging on November 1st.

Huge thanks to all the forumcreatures who posted bug reports and suggestions. A full changelog is below the break.

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Pandemonium: The Adventure v1.00 Release


UPDATE: Version 1.02 has been released with several bugfixes. Download it here. If your savefiles were corrupted in v1.00, this version should be able to load them safely. Should be.

That’s right, Pandemonium v1.00 is now available to the public! A huge thanks to the many patrons and associates who tested and provided suggestions for this version. It’s considerably better than I had ever expected, and it’s all thanks to you! If you’re not a patron, then you totally should be!

Click here to download it (Mac and Windows), or head to the downloads page if you’re weird like that. (OSX users: This page may provide help if you’re having difficulty running the game.)

With this we will now be working on dealing with any remaining bugs or oversights that come up. Despite all the testing, there are only about 20 people doing it. It’s likely that some errors slipped through, so report them using the forum if you spot one.

Chickenwhite will now be working on finishing the remaining two character redesigns, at which point we will have a Patron Poll to vote on which chapter to do next. That will likely be at the start of November. After that, we start making that chapter, obviously!

Fun statistics: The total development time for all of Chapter 1, including engine and scripting work, is just under 7 months (closer to 6, but all the suggestions and improvements pushed it to 7). I expect future chapters will be of similar development length, though it’s because the chapters get longer and more involved as the game goes on. Since the engine work is done, the two should balance out.

If you are a patron:┬áPlease see the Patreon for information on accessing debug mode. Normal users – consider sending the team a dollar a month to access debug mode! It helps support the game’s development and tells the world you love this game.

Full changelog between Prototype 2 and v1.00 is below. It’s a doozy.

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Development Update: October 9, 2017

The Home Stretch

We’re almost done over here. I’ve made a number of changes from Prototype 3f, including getting the LOS raytracer in. Now enemies won’t be able to see you through walls!

I’ve updated the screenshot page to show people who didn’t get to play Prototype 3 just what the game looks like.

I expect that Chapter 1 should be completed by next week. If not, then definitely the week after. We pretty much have to color several more images and it’s ready to go.

I did just receive some suggestions from a forumgoer (you know who you are) and will have them implemented by the time Chapter 1 comes out.

Get psyched!

Development Update: October 2nd, 2017

Short Update

So, this week the artists are still closing in on completing the remaining work, and I’ve been adding some useful features as requested by playtesters. Prototype 3f will be going out to Patrons sometime this week depending on how long it takes me to get the features in as well as the bug-fixes that were pointed out to me.

We will also be getting a bit of bonus content from some guest artists. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 1 comes out to see it, of course.

I’ll have more to say about the upcoming changes in a Design with a Grain of Salt post later on.

Development Update: September 25th, 2017


Small update this week. Prototype 3e will be going out to patrons probably tomorrow. It contains some balance fixes and art updates, as well as a new area since someone asked for more slime content.

The Art Front

Chicken needs to finish the Ghost TF sketches, and also update the Skullcrawler combat pose. After that, we just need to ink and color everything and Chapter 1 is ready to ship.

The Coding Front

I added a new feature: Tourist Mode. In this mode, your party never misses attacks and deals triple damage. It can be toggled on and off from the options menu at any time.

I added this mode because, let’s face it, this is an ecchi game. Some people don’t care about the JRPG component at all and just want to do dirty things to our protagonists. Tourist mode should make that a lot easier without robbing anyone else of the challenge of a finely crafted RPG experience. It also won’t rob of them of whatever garbage I happen to put in front of them, either.

There’s also a few bug fixes that Chicken noticed and a few script logic changes concerning the Claudia scene.


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