Development Update: January 22nd, 2018

Almost everything is in place for v1.04 to be released next week. I’ve fixed the bugs in question and we got some new art for some of the characters who wound up being way more important than I had originally planned out.

v1.04 will also allow you to add notes to your savefiles.

Save Notes


This feature is retroactive with old saves and can be done at both the main loading screen and in-game from the save menu.

This was probably the second most requested feature. The most requested one was a way to detect Catalysts. In each chapter there will be an object you can find (Usually called the Platinum Compass or a derivative name) that will play a tone when you enter a room with a Catalyst in it. For Chapter 1, it can be purchased in the far southwestern corner of the map.

In other news, there will be a Patron Pal Poll going up today to decide which optional content we should prioritize for Chapter 5’s prototype. We’re doing an internal prototype soon for testing purposes before I move on to the next major section of Chapter 5.


Development Update: January 15th, 2018

This week, I’ve completed about 90% of the work on Regulus City’s scripting. I need to finish putting together a few events, and then allow you to actually get on the monorail (as opposed to just looking at it longingly) and then I can move on to the Long Range Telemetry facility.

We had a team meeting and decided to set our target for Prototype 1 as End of March. I think the art should have no problem hitting the target, but scenario work I’m not as sure. There’s a lot of optional content I want in the first prototype, so we’ll see what makes it in.

There will be a Patron Poll next week to set my priorities for the optional content for Prototype 1. Everything on the poll will make it into Chapter 5, but I’d like to know what you want to see first.

We have also set our target for v1.04 as End of January. The art is most of the way done, and I just need to get around to fixing the outstanding bugs and properly integrating low-res mode.

Development Update: January 8th, 2018

So we are back to full production mode here at Pandemonium Headquarters (which is my basement). I’ve started writing the scripting for Regulus City and should probably have its baseline done this week, depending on how the testing goes.

Chicken has completed around 1/3rd of the concepts needed for Chapter 5, and the sprites and inkwork are up to date.

Patrons this week get to see some previews of the minigames present in Chapter 5. The rest of you will have to wait until a public prototype goes out, which is going to be quite a while. I’ve called a team meeting this week to set targets for Patron prototypes, so that will all be announced next week.

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Development Update: January 1st, 2018

Happy New Year, damn it.

Regular posting resumes on January 8th. I have completed the baseline for the three minigames in Chapter 5, and need to polish up their mechanics before we start making sprites for them.

The minigames will be revealed to Patrons on the 8th. You members of the public will have to wait until we announce a public prototype, so get hyped or become a patron. (PLUG PLUG PLUG).

I also am looking to schedule a meeting with the team to discuss prototype targets. I’ll announce a target date as soon as we come up with one.

Development Update: December 18th, 2017

So, yes, it’s mid-December and that means The Holidays are upon us. There probably won’t be an update next week because

Well, this week I’ve done work on the big distinction between Chapter 5 and the other chapters: Other modes of play. See, Chapter 1 did all the heavy lifting for Pandemonium. It introduced the setting, characters, conflict, and mechanics of the game. I could probably make all the other chapters using just those elements and produce a good game. You’d play it.

But since I’m not a hack, Chapter 5 has major differences. There is a much slower section where the focus of the gameplay shifts a great deal. In short, there are minigames. Three of them. There are also repeatable subquests and sort-of minigames such as Raiju Roundup.

The first two minigames are actually already completed, or rather, their baseline is completed and I need to polish them up and make levels for the ones that need them. The third minigame will be in development in what spare time I can find this week.

So what are the minigames? Well I won’t be releasing that information quite yet. In January, Patrons will find out. The rest of you will have to wait until the public releases come out.

In other news, development is still going on. I have completed the frame for the second area of the chapter and will be stitching things together once I’m done the minigame work. I’ve also sent off the scenario stuff to my editor so he can clean it up, because I loathe the first drafts of my own writing.

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Development Update: December 11th, 2017

This week, I completed the baseline scenario work for the first section of Chapter 5. There are approximately 6 major sections, so the chapter is now about 1/6th complete. Handy.

I have not started work on balancing the chapter, abilities, enemies, or anything like that. Instead I’m going to finish the scenario work for the whole thing and then go back and place enemies and items. This is a departure from the development technique I used for Chapter 1, so we’ll see if this winds up being better or worse.

Development Update: December 4th, 2017

The Lighting Engine


So here’s a screenshot showing off a bit of the lighting engine. I wound up having to do this using shaders, because doing it with additive blending proved very restrictive. Shaders should hopefully be compatible with everyone’s machines going forward, as I didn’t do anything particularly complex with them.

The lighting system uses simple distance computations with an attenuation function. It supports colored lighting and the lights can be modified via scripts, meaning there will be light-based puzzles later on. Lights can also move to follow a source, so Christine will be getting a lantern at one point.

Lighting allows me to focus your eye on certain points on the screen, and allows for ambushes and an increase in tension. Enemies can see just fine in the dark, but you can’t see their vision cones until you’re practically on top of them.

Other Updates

Urimas has gotten me most of the tiles I need for the cryogenics facility and surrounding areas. Chicken continues to be sick, but has completed half of the basic design work for the chapter. None of the named characters have been concepted yet. Hund has been keeping up with inking.

Me? Scriptwork. I’ve completed most of the maps for the first part of the chapter, and now I’m going to be writing the scenario scripts, adding enemies, and balancing the whole thing.