HoP: Remastered 1.80a Release

Updated below for users unable to get 2D mode and/or 3D mode running on old machines with integrated Intel graphics chips.

Salty here. I’ve made a post discussing the poll results from last week, so go read that because otherwise these posts would get too long.

This week, we have the introduction of difficulty levels, important progress on Corrupter Mode, and many small fixes. Hopefully, that blasted Cow Collar bug has been fixed.

Download Links

Windows users can download this. I’m also providing two different Mac distributions, one using bundles and one using good old raw code, for POWER USERS.

Update: If you’re running the program on an old Windows machine using an Intel-integrated graphics chip, you may have had crashes in 2D or 3D mode, for different reasons.

For 3D mode, please download this patch. This should allow the program to run without crashing, though I can’t guarantee it will run fast or that it will not have graphical errors. Most developers would simply mandate the game not run, but not me!

In 2D mode, the fix is to turn off background underlays in the global options menu:


This is only the case for machines where the maximum texture size is 2048 or lower, which means old laptops from 2009.

For Mac Users

While I worked at it for a day or two, and had some help, I was unable to fix up the program to run on El Capitan (OSX 10.11.00) or lower. The current version requires Sierra (OSX 10.12.00) at least. I will keep working with my apple-ssociate and try to figure out the problem – probably going to need to download old XCode SDKs and put something together.

If any users of El Capitan can get it running anyway, I’d be most interested in hearing just how you did it. Sometimes running it through a terminal works, but not always (?).

Difficulty Levels

Some people on the poll and the forums mentioned that the game opens too slowly. You have to wait several turns for enough monsters to spawn in. Thus, I fixed this with the introduction of difficulty levels. Now, you can get overrun in 100 turns or less!

The difficulty levels increase linearly, with what you’ve been playing up until now being the same as Normal difficulty. The character select menu now has a difficulty option.

Ultra Violence is a special level. More monsters spawn, but only chainsaws spawn for the humans to use. Find some meat!

On Nightmare, enemies spawn every ~11 turns as opposed to the usual 30-35 turns, and more spawn. More items also spawn as if to compensate. Good luck!

Corrupter Mode

I’ve completed most of the scaffolding for Corrupter Mode. You can now play as all the normal monster species except Cow. All monster transformations are available (they are in the Corrupter Menu under the Transform tab) from any form. If you are using one of the transformations that requires a game object (Rilmani, Golem, Harpy) then activating that transformation for the first time will place the object in the room with you.

The only monster species that has unique spells is the Imp, which has Dark Wave, Drain Mana, and can sabotage will potions to damage the willpower of whoever tries to drink them. If a human loses all their WP from a potion of corruption, they will become your thrall instantly!

Other monsters species will be getting unique spells over the coming weeks as I finish the mode up. I also have not finished the noise system yet, and glyphs are not quite finished. This mode is still in alpha.

Boring Patch Notes

General Changes


  1. Put in a memory aggregator which should hopefully fix all the cow collar issues.
  2. Fixed fonts not loading due to internal texture limits.
  3. Humans polymorphed into fairies should now ignore the player when the player is confounded (0 WP) instead of beating them senseless-er.
  4. The Entities Pane will now dynamically resize text when a human has a slime infection to make sure you can see how many turns they have left. It doesn’t
    look good for some very long weapon names, but at least its legible.


  1. Added option to use a smaller font for the console.
  2. The 2D backing maps have been updated with the new upper floor geometry.

Changes to Classic Mode


  1. Added difficulty modes to tune how fast you lose the game. The toughest is Nightmare, while Ultra Violence can provide some good monster-busting fun. Difficulty modes apply to Classic 3D Mode as well.

Changes to 3D Mode


  1. Fixed up the geometry when moving between the Dining Hall and adjacent rooms.
  2. Fixed the upper floor’s geometry being visible from the northern gardens.


  1. Most of the primary geometry is complete for the mansion!


  1. Changed the fonts and some rendering positions for the UI.
  2. Fixed some of the portrait offsets for the visual interface.

Changes to Corrupter Mode


  1. Fixed the player reviving at low HP in Corrupter Mode.
  2. Fixed some highlighting issues on the Minions menu.
  3. Magic spells you can’t afford will now render red on the magic tab.
  4. You will no longer build suspicion on someone you already transformed (had no gameplay impact, but was kinda funny).
  5. You can no longer click through the corrupter menu to hit the navigation buttons underneath it.
  6. Fixed a bug that let you unlock perks more times than the maximum.


  1. Added the Transform tab to the Corrupter Menu. This allows you to select which monster you will transform a human into.
  2. Added all the standard transformations, and an extra Thrall transformation.
  3. Added the Heal spell. Can be cast on friendly monsters (click them as usual), or yourself (through the Corrupter Menu). Monsters at full HP/WP
    cannot be healed, obviously.
  4. Added the Channel spell. Allows you to draw in MP, but disables you for 3 turns and produces a lot of suspicion.
  5. Added the Deconstruct spell, which destroys items and returns MP to you. Minorly suspicious, makes no noise.
  6. Added the Incubate spell, which does the same thing as a harpy singing at their egg.
    Imps now have an improved Dark Wave attack, which consumes MP but never misses and does more damage.
  7. Imps can now siphon MP from a human, which causes a bit of suspicion.
  8. Imps can summon a potion of corruption, or trap a willpower potion. Potions of Corruption sap willpower from their victim, and are disguised so the humans
    will not know the difference. Subtle!
  9. You can now play as all of the monster species (except Cow, obviously).


  1. The Magic tab will now display a spell as being “Free” as opposed to costing 0 MP.
  2. Many of the transformation descriptions have been modified or updated to match Corrupter Mode.
  3. Transforming a human is now an extremely suspicious action (duh).
  4. Added SFX to the Corrupter Menu.
  5. You can right-click a perk to quickly unlock it.
  6. Unified the Corrupter Menu’s UI.

Known Bugs

  1. A lot of improvements from 2D mode have not been put into 3D mode yet. I’m focusing on Corrupter Mode for the moment, they’ll make it in eventually.
  2. There are still oodles of texture misalignments in 3D mode. It’s on the to-do list.
  3. Glyphs in Corrupter Mode can still be stacked.
  4. Glyphs in Corrupter Mode cannot be harvested yet.
  5. Nothing in Corrupter Mode is even remotely balanced.
  6. Noise is still not implemented.
  7. The only Corrupter Mode species with unique spells is the Imp.
  8. Some of the monster icons in Corrupter Mode are incorrect.

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Poll Results, Future Plans

Salty here. First, I want to send out a big thank you to the 181 of you who filled out our poll over the course of the week. The game itself received about 1800 downloads, meaning almost exactly 10% of you filled out the survey. Thanks!

This post will be going over some of the survey results, clarifying what the answers mean, responding to the results, and detailing our future plans.

The Patreon Question

Over 50% of you replied by saying you were broke. Might I suggest robbing a bank?

The results were generally what I had expected. We’re putting some things together, and I want to have Corrupter Mode finished before we launch the Patreon. Considering the results from the poll, we’re definitely going to be proceeding.

6 voters said they would back the Patreon but wanted something other than Adventure Mode or Enhanced Mode. If possible, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me what, exactly, you would like to see. You can use the comments for this post, or the forums as usual.

On UI Design

The results for this question were overwhelmingly positive, with literally no “Despise” replies and 3 “I don’t like it” replies. While I must apologize profusely to the 3 of you who do not like the new UI, the needs of the many (178/181 = 98%) outweigh the needs of the few.

I still intend to have an actual artist go over the UI and make it look nicer at some later date, but resources are best directed to new monster art at the moment.

On Which to Develop First

When asked which feature you’d like to see developed most, if you could only choose one: 50% wanted new monster art, 30% wanted Adventure Mode, 15% wanted Corrupter Mode, 5% wanted more 3D stuff, and the remainder wanted “Other”. If you are one of the “Other”, please specify!

This is a very encouraging result, so the Patreon will be going towards funding development of new monster art and Adventure Mode. Corrupter Mode is almost done as it is, but it’s nice to see that the part of the project primarily done by me (Corrupter Mode, Adventure Mode) will not be neglected for the part that will be primarily done by Rune (More monsters) and any other artist we hire.

Unfortunately, this means that 3D mode will take a back seat. While I have no doubt many of you like it, it takes a very long time to develop and Adventure Mode will probably be in 2D only. 3D will likely receive updates at a much slower pace, if it all, though some parts of Adventure Mode (dungeon diving?) might receive 3D mode components.

On Team Communication

90% of the public were receptive towards my “Never shut up” communication strategy. While 40% were “Fuzzy on the details”, that’s to be expected given that this is the internet and most people are here for the game, not my jabbering.

The Favored Heroine is…

Mei won with 21% of the vote, followed by Lotta (19%), and Christine (18%). There’s a bit of a gap, then Talia (12%), Jeanne (11%), and then…


This is so sad. Buck up, Crowbar! Oh, and Sanya, I guess.

In all seriousness, we will be revising the character designs based on these results. Jeanne will be getting some changes, while Sanya will likely get an overhaul. I mean, Sanya lost to the joke option. You gotta be doing something wrong there…

The Favored Monster is…

Monster Results.png

This one really caught the team off guard. The Darkslave actually came in 1st, followed by Rilmani, Imp, and then Nymph and Pixie. Jester came in last (which, in fairness, might be due to Rune not having posted the concept art yet), with Podling and Harpy in 2nd and 3rd last.

I would also like to mention that I neglected to include the Fairy for some reason, so I will assume Fairy and Pixie share popularity positions.

Cow was deliberately excluded from the poll because this is basically the order I will developing monsters in Corrupter Mode. Imp is already complete, but that means Darkslave is next. I’m sure a lot of you like Cows, though, so they will certainly be featured somewhere in Adventure Mode.

We’re also taking these results into account for the story of Adventure Mode. While that mode will have lots of new monster designs, it will probably not be centered around Podlings or Harpies trying to take over the world.

(For reference, my favourite is Golem. Rune and Passelel have not specified who their favourites are, but I’d guess that Passelel likes Imps.)

Question and Answer

I left the last question as an open response to see what people posted. There were a few questions in there (you guys know you can use the forums, right? I’m going to keep linking this until you use it!) and some statements which needed a response. So here they are.

In case I don’t answer your question, don’t be offended. We got about 40 responses and this post is long enough as it is.

Question: What is Enhanced Mode?

Enhanced Mode is the new version of Classic Mode which will feature new monsters, drawn by artists by hand instead of the 3DCG assets currently used. The original mods and tools necessary to make the game’s art were lost years ago and Passelel is not interested in doing the work to recover them, plus there were a lot of limitations imposed by that form of art. Hand-drawn work has no limits, so we’ll be able to add things like Naga and Squids.

Enhanced Mode is in development, and will be developed faster if people back our Patreon when it comes out, as I will use the cash to hire artists to assist Rune. Volunteer artists are also appreciated in the meantime!

This is also why some of the transformations were more limited than what you might be expecting (someone mentioned that Cows are basically humans with a collar). The redrawn copies will not have limitations and can be more monstrous, if we so desire.

Statement: Mobile support would be amazing and I’d love you long time if you managed to pull it off.

Unfortunately, Mobile is a whole can of worms I’d rather not get into. I might upgrade the engine for mobile at some point in the future, but mobile development is extremely frustrating for engine coders like me since the baseline for mobile is really, really bad, and hacking things in that the library developers were not prepared for is depressingly common.

(Full disclosure: I have worked on a few mobile projects. I hated them. GL ES needs a lot of work!)

Statement: I’m really looking forward to future updates, but just be careful you don’t burn yourself out like so many other content creators already have.

Hah! I’m a professional. We don’t burn out, we power through it.

Statement: I feel the game needs a better difficulty progression.

1.80a has you covered, comrade.

Question: Will cupids ever make it back?

Angels vs. Demons is one of the stories we’ve been discussing for Adventure Mode (it has twists, trust me). I expect they will make it into Enhanced Mode sooner rather than later. You’ll also probably run into Seraphs, Cherubs, and new Angel monsters, too.

Question: Where were Jesters announced?

Jesters were announced in October or thereabouts in one of the forum announcement posts, but they haven’t had their concept art completed to the point of Rune wanting to do a post about them.

Jesters were coded into the original game but dummied out, and Passelel lost his hard drive before they were released. Thus, I figured they should be one of the first candidates for Enhanced Mode.

Statement: Please send help. I’m currently running away from the KKK before they hang my black friend.

While the statement is quite confusing (You’re the one running, and they’re going to hang your friend? Maybe it is your friend who should be running? Maybe you should stop them?) I can attribute that to the obvious haste.

My advice would be to run to a location where I currently am (Canada) and tell me where the white supremacists are so that I might crush them as all fascists are to be crushed. Glory to the revolution, comrades.

Future Plans

So this post is already stupidly long, and I will be making a post later on detailing our plans more thoroughly. For now, this is the truncated version:

Adventure Mode is a go.

Patreon is a go.

Enhanced Mode is a go.

Adventure Mode will contain new stuff. Areas, monsters, NPCs, game mechanics, story.

Passelel, the original HoP author, has agreed to help write and edit Adventure Mode.

‘Til next time.

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Corrupter Guide and Other Stuff

Salty here. I’ve created a guide to Corrupter Mode. It details some of the new features and indicates what features you can expect in the coming versions.

A fix for OSX was released yesterday but I have yet to hear back from any Mac users. Does the patch work or not? Please let me know in the comments or on the TFGS forums.

I’m surprised that we got such a nice turnout on the poll at over 150 respondents out of 1150 downloads. That’s a 13% turnout, which isn’t bad all things considered. If you haven’t filled it out yet, you should.

I’ll be creating a post later on discussing some of the results and what it means for the future of Pandemonium. I would like to mention that Cow is not on the favourite monster list for a reason: I’m using that list to gauge which monster I should code into Corrupter Mode next, and Cow doesn’t make sense in that context. Fairy was also missing from the list, which is my mistake, but I’ll consider Fairy and Pixie to be the same monster for my purposes.

HoP:Remastered 1.60a Release and Survey Request!

Salty here. Before you do anything else, please fill out this survey. Version 1.00a got over 2000 downloads over its lifetime, but only a few responses on the forums. If you would like to help steer this project’s course, this survey is a great way to do so and will only take a minute to fill out.

Update for OSX Users

I researched the framework issue and have upload this patch to attempt to fix the problem. Use the new executable from the patch, and place the osxbin/ folder in the same folder as the executable. If this causes an error, please copy the console contents and send me the report ASAP. If it works, doubly let me know!

Update 1.60a


This is a big update, as all the work I had done before and after the holidays is now on display. Let’s go through them one at a time, shall we?

If you’re impatient, you can find it on the downloads page, or from this link. (Link fixed, thanks SammiLogan!)

Corrupter Mode

Corrupter Mode allows you to play as a monster from the first turn. You begin in disguise and must subvert the humans through stealth or through more overt means.

This is the first release of Corrupter Mode, but it’s still largely incomplete. You can play it start to finish, but you can only play an imp, most of the spells don’t work, and nothing is even remotely balanced. The disguise system is partially implemented (you have to directly assault a human for them to suspect you) and the noise system is not (when it is, humans will track you down if you do something noisy – like generating the MP you need…). Consider this an alpha release and just have fun with your stupidly overpowered 12-damage-per-turn imp.

This guide gives a brief overview on Corrupter Mode and how to play it. Not all of the features on the page are implemented, but they will be eventually.

Mac Release

The .zip file now contains a mac version of the executable (presently using the SDL libraries, Allegro version is in the pipeline). However, this is literally the first time I’ve ever packaged something for Mac. I probably did something wrong without knowing it, so bug reports are appreciated. If you’re going to post one, please specify your OS version and provide any graphics driver information you can.

Update: Please download this patch and let me know if it works on the forums or in the comments section!

UI Overhaul

As you can see from the image above, I’ve redone the UI in 2D mode. It now uses a much darker palette, white text on black, bitmap fonts as opposed to TTF fonts (bitmap fonts render considerably faster and for less system resources), and I’ve also added damage animations and map-icon animations. You will now see your character’s icon move around on the map, and those of other humans/monsters moving around, and you will see animated damage indicators (or miss/resist indicators) during combat. This is a new feature, so there are probably some errors.

In addition, sound effects have been added. The credits are in Data/Audio/Credits.txt if you’re curious as to who made them. All the sound effects were taken from OpenGameArt.org and are under open licenses. They are by no means finalized, and more will likely be added in the future.

More 3D Mansion Real Estate

Several new rooms on the upper floor have been added to 3D mode. (Click to enlarge).

The exterior and roof of the mansion are still largely incomplete, and the eastern and central parts of the upper floor are still incomplete.


If you filled out the survey (here’s another link, really, fill it out!) then you can see that I asked about a Patreon. While Rune is a hobbyist who is completely happy working for free, I would like to speed up development and also expand the project’s scope. However, most of the artists I know won’t work for free, and I’m also the kind of person who thinks that the amount of time I put into this project might possibly be worth some remuneration (selfish, I know). Therefore, I’ve been discussing creating a Patreon with the team. While receptive, we’re not sure how much support we can expect from our valued players.

I also have absolutely no idea what to provide for patron rewards. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Boring Patch Notes

  1. Added the western half of the mansion’s upper floor in 3D mode.
  2. Actors will now animate in 2D mode, moving between rooms and fading out if they exit your line of sight. This behavior can be turned off via the “Actors Animate Move” flag in global options.
  3. Added some sound effects to make the game less unnervingly quiet.
  4. Added damage animations. These can be toggled off with the “Show Damage Animations” flag in global options.
  5. Added map underlays to the 2D modes. The world now looks prettier! You can shut them off with the “Show2DUnderlays” flag.
  6. Gave the game a spiffy new UI. Black and gold, more usage of bitmap fonts (which render considerably faster and have better shadows).
  7. Gave the game a spiffy new icon. Approximately 15.7% more spiffy than the previous icon, which was fairly spiffy!
  8. Fixed a crash where the player was present, in 2D mode, when an AI opened a container and tried to print to the 3D level.
  9. Fixed a bug that caused rooms in 2D mode to not grey out when not visible.
  10. In all modes, a confounded human will receive a base -10 to their defense rolls. Physical attacks are thus extremely likely to connect.
  11. Fixed a bug where the player could move to another room while already moving by clicking the radar. (Thanks, Sairus323!)
  12. Fixed a bug where subdivided console lines would not inherit the color of the source line.
  13. Added Lua Tarballing, which speeds up program execution speed.
  14. Player-controlled harpies were doing insane amounts of willpower damage. That was fixed.
  15. Optimized the font code so it renders faster in the console.
  16. Optimized the 3D loading code so it no longer loads the lightmaps its not going to render.
  17. Cows would get their AI stuck on neutral entities like the Golem Tube and the Harpy Nest. They will now ignore those entities.
  18. Humans who get polymorphed outside of the player’s sight will now correctly show their polymorphed portrait when examined. (Thanks, several people!)
  19. Fixed a font-deallocation error in the Zone Editor, and a double-deallocation error on program exit.
  20. Fixed some 3D geometry issues.

Known Bugs

3D portraits are still often misaligned. It’s really not a high priority for me, just look at all the stuff I got done!


As always, you can discuss the project in depth on the TFGS forums.


Development Update: December 26th, 2016

Salty here. Short update this week, due to Holidaysscreen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-55-08-am

There will probably be a prototype Mac release next week. I still have to figure out the intricacies of the system and what needs to be packaged, and deal with some compiler issues, and the fact that glsl shaders don’t compile AT ALL… but the program compiles and is playable.

After that, I’ll port it to XCode and/or start working on a Linux version. Oh, and Corrupter Mode is still under development.

Till next time!

Development Update: December 19th, 2016

Salty here. No new release this week, just a progress report to indicate that we’re still making things.

Probably won’t be a release next week either, as it’s the holidays and you all know what that means.

First Look: Corrupter Mode

Here you can see some of the prototype parts for Corrupter Mode, which I started work on this week after slapping together some design documents.

Eagle/Harpy-eyed players will notice that the player has a new resource: MP (Magic Power) which they can use to summon more monsters. This resource increases slowly over time, and there will be a wide variety of ways to get more MP. MP can also be used to cast spells (not pictured, the UI for it is not complete) which vary based on the species the player has selected at game start.

All of the different monster species have a different set of spells, providing a unique challenge. Overwhelm the humans with an army of self-replicating podlings, or crash into them with offensive pixie magic, or lay devious traps as an imp or a fairy.

The player also begins the game in disguise as one of the humans. The humans will not attack you outright, but doing suspicions actions while they can see you will slowly tip them off. If your cover is blown, you’ll have to attack them directly. There will be several methods of subverting them without violence, if you’re so inclined.

UI Improvements

Some parts of the UI now use a black/gold border instead of the atrocity that came before. Rune has promised to improve the UI but that’ll be a ways in the future, as game art takes priority. I will also be redoing some sections of the UI in the interest of adding an in-game tutorial (probably just some helpful screenshots and a list of the hotkeys) and making the options menu less of a crime against fashion.

The Mac Report

The Mac-Mini I ordered is set to arrive this week, but due to the holidays it will likely not be until January that I manage to get a mac/linux build put together. Even if it contains no new content, I will definitely make that a priority when it arrives.


Rune reports that there will, in fact, be time for art during his vacation this holiday season. No doubt you’ll all receive an art post showing you the new monster designs.

There will likely not be any enhanced graphics for the first release of Corrupter Mode, just due to the timetable. Enhanced Mode’s first prototype will probably be released sometime in February.

I have finished the main floor of the mansion in 3D mode to… my satisfaction, anyway. I’ll be revisiting some parts to improve them, particularly the dining hall. All that’s left is now the top floor and 3D mode will be feature-complete.

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Game Art – Imp and Bee!

(Posted by Rune MFB)

Disclaimer: Anything I’m about to write concerning the two races and how they may or may not play may be(e) subject to change.  Nothing was ever finalized.  Rather, these are just from casual conversation I’ve had with Salty.



Of course the Imp would be one of the first redrawn!  I’ve always thought of the Imp race in general as the mascot race of this game.  Though, that may be because the mascot of the game is an Imp.

Anyways, so to my knowledge, the Imp will still play the same, more or less.  No new changes or anything, gameplay wise.  And perhaps that’s for the better, considering that the choices behind the monster races were to have a variety of gameplay.  And the other three will definitely play differently from the Imp.

Now, on the art end, I do want to have the heroines’ original clothes shine through more even when they’re transformed into an imp.  You see, while it is nice in the original that Sanya kept a swim-suit theme throughout all her transformations that had clothes,  I wished that the other five also had their clothes a bit more represented.  As such, it’s planned that for all transformations with clothing, all the heroines’ clothes, or at least the theme of their clothes, will be kept.  It won’t just be Sanya.



It’s a bee girl!  In all technicality, this race is new to House of Pandemonium.  If you paid attention to my last post, I did add the part about the two new races being new to at least HoP.  That being said, while the bee girl did exist in Chambers of Pandemonium, she will play differently here.

From what I gathered from Salty, she will not play like she did in Chambers.  When you’re human, she’ll force-feed you honey after you’ve been knocked down to transform you.  However, this isn’t quick transformation.  It’ll be incremental, partial, kind of like the slime girl at the moment.  Unlike the slime girl, eating this honey and having partial transformations will actually benefit your stats.  Also, the bee girl is likely to leave honey around the mansion so it is up to you if you want that extra boost.  Essentially, it’s a “power at a cost” sort of deal.

Other News

So, currently it’s finals week for me, a college student.  And only a few days after my finals are done, I’m going on a two week vacation back to the Philippines.  For the record, this is why the art will most likely not get done before the end of January.  I won’t have any time to draw when I’m on my trip.  However, lucky for me, my entire winter break is actually a month.  So that other half of break will be spent working on this game.  Well, a huge portion of it anyways.

And, luckily, next semester won’t be as harsh on me so I’ll have more time to work on this.  I’m just as impatient about wanting some new monster races to play in the game.  Heck, even new characters.  So, it’s a good thing I’ll have more time next semester.

Oh, on another note, I want to say that someone brought up in my last post that Talia did not have her elf ears showing.  In truth, I forgot about Talia having elf ears or her being an elf in general during the time when I was drawing her.  I did add the elf ears in upon seeing that comment so for those of you who were wondering about it, don’t worry.

Anyways, I’d love to hear what you guys think on anything.  Whether it’s a random, passing thought, an comment on something I could have done better or I should have added, or a whole spiel on how you would a future monster race to look, I’m all ears.

Until next time~