Development Update: February 27th, 2017

Salty here. This week, we’ve got some progress on maps and I’ve got most of the prototype UI for Adventure Mode’s combat in place. It’s not functional yet in all respects, but it looks a lot better than it did before. Expect screenshots next week!

On the art front, Rune is behind on his coloring work due to midterms, but sketch and ink work is proceeding as expected. We currently need four more species completed before we start working on the transformations of Mei.

For Patrons, this week we’re conducting our first-ever Pericles-Pal Vote-stravaganza! That’s right, Patrons get to vote on which monster species will be included in Chapter 1 of Adventure Mode. If you want to get in on the action, click here and bring 5 bucks (since only 5$ or higher patrons get to vote).

There may also be a bugfix version released later this week. I’m currently waiting on the person who is having the bug to report if the version I sent him is fixed. If it is, 2.00c will be released with that fix incorporated.

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HoP: Remastered 200b

Comrades! This week we have a small update to Corrupter Mode, adding a few spells to the Golem and weapon durability. Head to the downloads page!

In Corrupter Mode, weapons will now last 15 swings before they break. Humans will need to seek out new weapons as they battle your army of monsters. Golems can use their Shock spell to damage those weapons, and their Reverse Polarity spell to booby-trap a weapon and make it deal considerably less damage and break earlier.

For Adventure Mode, I’ve completed cutscene work and added some basic enemy encounter capability. Patrons will be getting a prototype release sometime fairly soon, once I’ve redone the combat UI (it’s currently a text-only placeholder), added saving/loading, added enemy respawning, fixed the remaining incomplete UI parts… okay maybe not that soon.

As always, I’m open to suggestions for Corrupter Mode additions. If I don’t get any more bug reports for it, I’ll work on migrating it into 3D mode sooner or later.

Currently, Adventure Mode’s first prototype release will come out sometime in mid-March for the public. How long it will take before it is completed is unknown, we have a lot of art to go. I’ve got my artists working on it, and they do good work. Patrons get to see their art sooner, so sign up today! Or, you know, don’t.

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Development Update: February 13th, 2017

Salty here. I spent the previous week house-sitting for some vacationers, so while I got a lot done on Adventure Mode, I’m still behind (working with an unfamiliar keyboard in a chair that hurts my back is not a recipe for success). As such, the planned update to Corrupter Mode will be released next week.

The update will include some more Golem spells and a slight reworking of the mechanics to include weapon durability. Weapons will spawn more often, but they can break from use and humans are vulnerable if you can break their weapons. Of course, some spells will allow you to even trap weapons in this regard. Classic mode will be unaffected, of course.

On the Adventure Mode front, I’ve added room connectivity, a prototype combat system, doors, examinable objects, NPCs, and script-triggers for puzzle solving. I’ve also completed about half of the maps for Chapter 1, with the other half requiring a few more tiles from our tile artist before I can get to them.

For patrons, you can see the process videos of the artists sketching, inking, and coloring the bee girl, a new enemy who will be present in Chapter 1. Any patron can see the videos, and other character art will also be released to patrons before the mode releases.

At the current rate, I expect the mode will have its first prototype sometime in March for public consumption, though most of the art will likely not be finished.

Until next time!

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Development Update: February 6th, 2017

Salty here, a development update this week. I’ve been house-sitting this week so I haven’t gotten as much done as I might like to.

Version 2.00a has gotten over 1500 downloads in its first week, which is better than expected! I’ve gotten some good suggestions on the forums and will be putting out a new update for Corrupter Mode probably next week.

A Patron-exclusive mini-update will be coming up this week as well to show off some of the new enemy art for Adventure Mode. If you want to see it you’ll need to become a patron, or wait until Adventure Mode’s first release comes out (ETA unknown). We’ve got the design work done for Adventure Mode and I’ve been working on the scaffolding for the combat system. It’s not much to look at yet, but at least it’ll be functional.

I’ve also been posting a series of Meet-the-Team posts on Patreon. You can find Chickenwhite’s here and Stinkehund’s here, with more to come for the other team members. These posts also show a bit of upcoming enemy concept art, so check them out!

As always, a huge thanks to our (currently) 10 backers for 31USD per month! The sprites for the game are currently being funded directly by your contributions. If you want to see this game continue, become a patron today!

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HoP:Remastered 2.00a And Patreon!

Salty here, we finally have version 2.00 ready for public consumption! You can click right here to head to the downloads page to get it, or get it below.

Windows (Mediafire)

OSX 10.12 Sierra (Bundled, Raw)

This week we’re also launching a sincere plea to fund development of Adventure Mode. That’s why I’m also launching a Patreon! Support the project!

All of the tier information on the Patreon will provide you extra goodies, like access to concept art, early builds, wallpapers, and the ability to vote on what content you want to see next.

Development is funded entirely by contributions. If the Patreon does well, I’ll be able to bring in more artists to help speed things up, and provide financial incentives to the current ones to really get their noses to the grindstone.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing some “Meet the Team” posts, with a bit of biography, links, and some sample art they made in anticipation of the project. For now, check out one of our new concept sketches for Sanya, created by design artists Chickenwhite and Rune.


If you can’t support the project due to monetary constraints and/or you live in a dystopic cyberpunk future where supporting the arts is outlawed, tell your friends/corporate overlords! I’ll be doing the rounds on some of major forums where these sorts of games are popular, but every contribution helps.

Thanks for supporting Pandemonium through a full year, and here’s hoping that Adventure Mode is every bit as great as we all want it to be!

Boring Changelog

General Changes

  1. Fixed a crash where the entities pane was trying to reference the length of a string that didn’t exist. (Thanks, caeserofgaming!)
  2. Fixed the Darkslave mana trap not providing MP correctly. (Thanks, zigzagjacker and Sairus323!)
  3. Fixed some spells not actually subtracting MP because I was an idiot and left a debug flag on. (Thanks, zigzagjacker!)
  4. Fixed an error where traps were sometimes not detonating if the player was not there to witness it.
  5. Summoning minions now produces some noise.
  6. Removed Worthless Remedy from the consumables spawn list.
  7. Fixed a lua bug where humans changed their names by transforming into podlings.
  8. Added damage animations to 3D mode.
  9. Added a damage overlay to 3D mode, indicating when the player is struck.
  10. Fixed some of the portrait misalignments using the small UI in 3D mode.
  11. Modified 3D mode to have entities retain their position when other entities leave the room. New entities will fill in empty slots.
    There is currently a problem wherein more than 13 entities occupy a room at once leaving some invisible. I’ll think of something…
    This system may have bugs, so bug reports are appreciated.
  12. *Hopefully* fixed the black-characters bug on old graphics cards. Hopefully.
  13. Made Pixie’s Fairy Ring spell cheaper, and decreased the damage that polymorphed fairies deal. The effect also lasts 5-10 turns longer.
  14. Made polymorphed fairies have a special sequence when being transformed into full fairies (Thanks, Sairus323!)
  15. Fixed a display bug during the Fairy Ring sequence that caused AIs to not consume their turn when putting one on.

Corrupter Mode Additions

  1. Added Potion of Weakness to the Fairy’s spells. It is disguised as a health potion and causes humans to take damage when they drink it.
  2. Added Potion of Confusion to the Fariy’s spells. Same as potion of weakness, but saps WP and works on will potions.
  3. Added Worthless Remedy to the Fairy’s spells. Sabotages a remedy so it doesn’t actually do anything except waste a human’s turn and make them desperate.
  4. Added Sapper Runes to the Fairy’s spells. These are traps you can deploy that do a bit of HP damage and a lot of stamina damage when a human sets them off.
  5. Added Firecracker Trap to the Fairy’s spells, allowing you to trap containers and wound humans that open them.
  6. Added Quicksand Runes to the Fairy’s spells. Quicksand Runes zero the stamina of any human who sets one off, making them easier to catch.
  7. Added Regenerate to the Slime’s spells. Restores 1HP per turn for 10 turns, stacks with Remolded Flesh.
  8. Added Harden, Hasten, and Sharpen to the Slime’s spells. These permanently increase your combat stats, but only one can be used at a time. These stack with perks and are cheap.
  9. Added Dissociate to the Slime’s spells. This makes you unhittable by physical attacks for 6 turns. Nifty!
  10. Added Slime Potion to the Slime’s spells. Converts a health/will potion into one that will induce a slime infection when a sucker drinks it.
  11. Added Sap to the Harpy’s spells. It reduces the damage output of all humans in the same room with you. Good for group combat and protecting your minions.
  12. Added Confound to the Harpy’s spells. Hits a human for willpower damage and reduces their accuracy for 1 turn.
  13. Added Vocal Blast to the Harpy’s spells. Hits every human in the room for a lot of damage, but has a 10 turn cooldown.
  14. Added Lithe Body to the Harpy’s spells. Buffs dodge and accuracy by 2 for 10 turns.
    Added Dark Whisper to the Rusalka’s spells. Works the same as in Classic Mode, but now costs MP, can be cast more quickly, and is more effective due to perks.
  15. Added Enslave to the Rusalka’s spells. Allows you to transform someone who was enthralled by Dark Whisper.
  16. Added Clouded Judgement to the Rusalka’s spells. Decreases all human accuracy by 2 for 50 turns!
  17. Added Clone to the Podling’s spells. We are raising an army!
  18. Added Create Pod to the Podling’s spell. More, MORE!
  19. Added Burst Pod to the Podling’s spells. Destroys a pod created with Create Pod and damages nearby humans for 12 points. The pod is destroyed in the process.
  20. Added Repair to the Golem’s spells. Heals all monsters in the mansion for 3HP/3WP.
  21. Added Combat Routines to the Golem’s spells. Buffs all combat stats by 1 for 10 turns.

Known Bugs and Such

  1. The Golem spells are lackluster in Corrupter Mode. Suggestions are welcome for improvements, as I want each of the monster species to play somewhat differently.
  2. There may or may not be a problem with Rusalkas in Corrupter Mode, I was unable to reproduce the Dark Whisper bug and may have fixed it during normal coding. Reports welcome.
  3. If there are no serious bugs in Corrupter Mode, it will be receiving a 3D mode just like Classic Mode soon.

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Development Update: January 23rd, 2017

Salty here. A brief notice this week.

I’ve completed the planned improvements to Corrupter Mode. All the species now have a set of unique spells, though I’m not happy with the Golem’s abilities yet. They’re all going to need balance tweaks to make sure they’re all viable and fun to use.

I have a bunch of work I want to do on 3D mode’s UI, namely dealing with the way entities are arranged in 3D space around the player as you enter new rooms and adding damage animations to 3D mode. I’ve also been meaning to replace the weapon sprites with stock images so they don’t all look like the same weapon.

The reason I’m not doing a release this week is that there’s not quite enough to justify it, especially because we’re launching the Patreon next week. That means that v2.0 will launch along with a plea for you to fund development of Adventure Mode.

I’ve been speaking to artists, spriters, and musicians about the job. In addition to Rune, I’ve got two other characters artists, a spriter, and a musician lined up – assuming Patreon gets the money to pay them. We’ll be having a team meeting this week to figure out development targets, our art pipeline, style guides, and so on.

For Adventure Mode, I’ve completed most of my technical documents and have my story documents down. I’m doing the writing pretty much myself, in addition to the coding, scripting, and mapping. The combat engine is something I’m really proud of, meant to be deep and engaging without bogging the player down. Come for the monster girls, stay for the combat!

I might do a post later this week showing some of the sample art I had the artists do, or I might just wait for the Patreon and show it all then. I haven’t decided quite yet. I’ve also been looking at other Patreons to see what drove their success. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but I think I can deliver on the quality front and I’m hoping you, the public, will support a quality production.

Next week, 2.0a ships and we launch the Patreon. Until next time.

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Hop:Remastered 1.90a Release

Hey, it’s HoP:Remastered’s first birthday! Go look at this post, get all nostalgic!

Update: Forumgoer and Hero of the Imperium Caeserofgaming has reported that using the Slime transformation in Corrupter Mode causes a crash. So don’t do that. Next week’s patch will fix this.

Salty here. This week we have a lot of improvements for Corrupter Mode, moving it firmly into the realm of “things that are playable”. It’s still not very balanced, but it’s actually fun on the higher difficulties.

Windows Version (Mediafire)

OSX 10.12 Sierra (Bundled: Mediafire) (Raw: Mediafire)

Magic Spells

I’ve added a lot of new magic spells to several races, in the order of popularity on the recent poll.

Imps had several of their spells buffed or fixed. They’re now complete as far as Corrupter Mode goes.

Darkslaves can create mana traps, become an impervious wraith, devour their minions to recover their own HP/WP, and can summon clouds of darkness at will.

Rilmani can teleport at will, including to the location of an unsuspecting human, and can create warp globes out of nothing. They can further lay a warp beacon that will redirect any human who uses a warp globe to its location, and can drop a Rune of Paralysis that prevents humans from escaping if they set it off.

Nymphs have several seductive powers. Not only do they passively damage WP, they can seduce the humans into not attacking them, or even attacking other humans! Of course, seducing them in these ways is hard – which is why they can spike a potion to create an aphrodesiac…

Pixies have gained a set of powerful offensive spells, like Fireball and Frozen Plume, so you can wage a direct assault on the humans. You can also buff your minions or even make your fey followers become invincible for a short time – if you’ve got the MP, that is.

More spells are due in for the remaining monster species next week, so stay tuned.

Improved UI and Options

I’ve improved the main menu’s UI. Options are now split up between Game and Engine options, and the options now have a description to inform you what they actually change.

In addition, you no longer have to look at the Corrupter Menu to cast spells on yourself. There is a quick-cast spell menu in the upper-right of the console to make your life easier. You can still check spell descriptions in the Corrupter Menu if you don’t know exactly what they do.

I’ve also added a lighting overlay to 2D mode to better illustrate which parts of the mansion your character can currently see. As usual, it can be disabled through the options menu.


Noise and Suspicion Improvements

Finally, Corrupter Mode will now make a valiant attempt at simulating the propagation of noise through the mansion. Some actions are loud, like creating a glyph or channeling MP, and will cause the humans to become suspicious. They will randomly decide to check out loud noises, and will become suspicious if they find you at the source of one. Stay mobile!

Boring Patch Notes

Engine Fixes

  1. Added GL dummy functions that will catch failed wrangling calls and instead replace them with non-crashing non-functional calls. This should help very old graphics cards to be able to at least run the program (it won’t look good or be optimized, but it will run). (Thanks, Husky!)
  2. Fixed textures too large for old graphics cards causing a crash. You will notice image anomalies, such as misalignments, but the game will run. (Thanks again, Husky!)

General Changes

  1. Modified the order in which containers get opened vs. printing.
  2. Unified the UI color scheme and highlighting method.
  3. Fixed a stack error in the wakeup scripts.
  4. Added brightness overlays to accurately demonstrate what the player can currently see relative to the backdrop. This can be disabled in the options menu.
  5. Greatly improved the options. Game and Engine options are now split up, and they have descriptions to help you tell what they do.

Corrupter Mode


  1. Added the unrolled magic menu, allowing you to cast spells on yourself with a single click. You can see the details of the spells on the Corrupter Menu.
  2. Added noise generation to Corrupter Mode. Humans will now investigate loud noises, like the sound of you channeling mana or creating a glyph. If they see you at a location that created noise, their suspicion of you will increase based on what the noise was.
  3. Added difficulty levels to Corrupter Mode, from “Easy” which gives you lots of MP to “Hard” where you have less MP and tougher humans to the staggeringly hard “True Corrupter” where the humans have 99 HP and can take down most monsters bare-handed. You’ll need to use cleverness to take them down!
  4. Added the podling transformation to the transformation list. Raise an army!
  5. Added Mana Trap to the Darkslave’s spells. This will cause a human who opens a trapped container to lose some WP and generate MP for you.
  6. Added Summon Cloud to the Darkslave’s spells. You can summon a cloud of darkness, much like container traps do.
  7. Added Wraith Form to the Darkslave’s spells. This makes you unhittable in melee combat, but unable to deal more than 1 point of damage.
  8. Added Beckon to the Darkslave’s spells. This causes AI humans to prioritize attacking you instead of your minions. Works well with Wraith Form!
  9. Added Devour Soul to the Darkslave’s spells. You can destroy one of your minions to fully restore your HP/WP and double your damage output for 10 turns.
  10. Added the Rilmani’s teleport ability to their magic list (as Blink).
  11. Added Stalk to the Rilmani’s spells. Teleports you to a random human. Makes chasing down the last one a breeze.
  12. Added the ability for Rilmanis to generate warp globes for humans to use.
  13. Added warp beacons to Rilmanis, allowing you to force the humans who use warp globes to land at the beacon.
  14. Added Rune of Paralysis to the Rilmani’s traps. You can place one and it will prevent humans from leaving the room for 10 turns. Warp Globes clear the trap on a per-individual basis.
  15. Added Charm to the Nymph’s spells. Does a bit of willpower damage, but also reduces the target’s damage output for 1 turn.
  16. Added Seduce to the Nymph’s spells. Very unlikely to hit, but if it does, the target will not attack you for 3-5 turns. They will run away if they are injured as usual. You can greatly increase the success rate by tricking a human into drinking an aphrodesiac.
  17. Added Enrapture to the Nymph’s spells. Has a 3% hit rate, but makes the victim fall in love with you for 8-12 turns. They will follow you and attack nearby humans. An aphrodesiac guarantees the success of the spell.
  18. Added Fireball to the Pixie’s spells. A straight damage spell, 4-8 damage with 80% accuracy.
  19. Added Lightning Bolt to the Pixie’s spells. Also straight damage, hits every human in the room for 3 damage. Useful if you can clump them up.
  20. Added Frozen Plume to the Pixie’s spells. Another straight damage spell, deals 12 damage with 80% accuracy, but is less MP-efficient than fireball.
  21. Added Choking Gas to the Pixie’s spells. Creates a cloud of gas which (surprise!) chokes humans in the room, reducing their HP by 2 and defense by 1 for 3 turns. Persists for 3 turns, and humans are not smart enough to flee from the gas cloud.
  22. Added Rally Followers to the Pixie’s spells, buffing all monsters in the mansion with +1 to all combat stats for 20 turns.
  23. Added Might of the Fey to the Pixie’s spells, making the player and all fey monsters invincible for 10 turns at a huge MP cost.
  24. Added Summon Fairy Ring to the Pixie’s spells. Thematically suiting, not that useful unless your minions have a bigger WP than HP bar.


  1. Item spawning in Corrupter Mode is now internally handled and can’t be modified by options. The spawn rate increases after 100 turns passes, which is both good and bad for the player.
  2. Fixed Glyphs of Power to be unable to be created if you’re in the same room as an existing glyph, or adjacent to one.
  3. Humans will now destroy Glyphs of Power if they find them and have no other priorities in that room.
  4. You can now harvest a glyph of power after 30 turns to immediately gain 15 MP.
  5. In Corrupter Mode, humans will use Warp Globes to escape when their stamina is too low to run.

Bug Fixes

  1. Monsters will now cancel their current orders when you change their orders. This usually takes a turn before it applies.
  2. Fixed an error in the menus that caused the main menu not to populate when backing out of the monster select screen.
  3. Fixed some imp spell bugs.
  4. Nymphs will no longer sap willpower if their disguise is still up.

Known Bugs

  1. There are still several UI improvements I want to make to 3D mode, such as damage animation, resetting how entities are positioned when the player is looking around,
    and changing the icons for weapons and items to match what they actually are. These will be added in time, I am focusing on Corrupter Mode right now.
  2. Navigating using the mouse in 3D mode seems to have been borked at some point. Not sure what I did, but it’ll be fixed next version.