Development Update: June 26, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised by the response to Prototype 2. Lots of people like it and the direction it’s going in, which is a huge relief.

There was only one person who reported technical issues. I’ll be sorting those out later this week when I have time (my schedule is still ruined for maybe 2 more weeks…).

Positive News: In exchange for work on a small project, CocoMint has agreed to help as a colorist for Pandemonium! It’ll be a while before said small project is completed, but when it is our asset production speed should go up a bit.

Coding News: In the small amount of spare time I have, I’ve fixed up several of the bugs that were mentioned and made a list of fixes I need to put in. There’s a lot more content for Chapter 1 that needs to be done, so a Patron-Prototype will probably be released in August.

Patron Bonus: If you’re a Patron, click here for some bonus art.

Adventure Prototype 2

So here it is, Adventure Prototype 2. Been killing myself to get this one done between my work schedule.

There are several bugs I know about, and probably dozens I don’t know about. Please provide detailed bug reports if you are so inclined.

Please note: Saving and Loading have been disabled as I have not had time to fix the SDL issue nor update the format to match the new combat design.

Download (Windows)

Download (Mac)

As always provide feedback on the forums.

Development Update: June 5th, 2017

Great. So no sooner do I promise a big June prototype than I have to cover for two people at work. Everyone loves June vacations!

I’m trying to get the H-Scenes done with priority and the artists are behind, as usual. Rune’s status has deteriorated so I might have to get Hund to take over finalized coloring. Fortunately, I have most of the code changes I want in place, and it’s mostly scenario writing left to go. Saving and Loading might get axed though.

Development Update: May 29th, 2017

Comrades! This update is cross-posted on the Patreon!

So, Rune is now back to work and is promising to be able to complete one character per day, which is very welcome after having to wait for finals.

I’m still not sure exactly what my targets for the June prototype are going to be. I would love to be able to squeeze in the two remaining transformations/monsters but I’m not sure if the art will be ready in time. I think it might be best just to narrow the scope: Everything except the Quantir Mansion and the Chapter’s ending sequence will be included in the prototype in some way. You’ll be able to find the mansion but not enter it.

I did some testing with Rune this weekend. In addition to finding a bunch of little bugs, I was delighted that he enjoyed the dialogue, world, and combat overhaul. Everything seems to be on track for those parts of development.

Here’s what I’m hoping the June prototype will contain over the first prototype:

-Overhauled combat, leveling, and under-the-hood mechanics (done!)

-Expanded transformation scenes with more playable components

-Redone initial dungeon (90% done)

-Redone dimensional trap (that’s the mansion you start in the basement of)

-New defeat scenes with saucy content (specifically, Alraune loses to Bee)

-All major cutscenes before Quantir complete (One to go, other than the defeat scenes)

-Dialogue sequences with all major characters (Florentina’s is incomplete)

-Time permitting, H-Scenes with various characters. You’ll know when you see them.

-A map so you don’t get lost so often (Hund is working on it, Patrons will get to see it when it’s done!)

-Fixed Boost’s damn filesystem problems.

Development Update: May 22nd, 2017

Unfortunately, the artists are not available until the end of the week, at which point Rune finishes his finals and can get back to coloring stuff. I do have Urimas making sprites. Hoping to finish the monster sprites by the end of the week, and after that we’re pretty much done Chapter 1’s sprites and tiles.

I’ve also finished most of the combat overhaul I had wanted to do. It’s quite different from the previous system, though it retains much of its old appearance. I’m using a much more flexible system of resistances and abilities, plus gaining transformations changes stats and unlocks abilities. There is now a reason to play as each of the forms.

I don’t think we’re on track for a May Prototype 2 at the current rate, since the art is quite a bit behind where I want it to be. There will probably be a June prototype release instead, which should have the scenario completed and playable start to finish even if the art is placeholder.

Development Update: Monday, May 15th

All right, been a very busy work week for me but I managed to get most of the map work done for the second part of Chapter 1. I’m still waiting on a few tiles and have a few rooms left to go, but the mapping for Chapter 1 is almost complete.

I do still want to revisit the earlier maps with all the new stuff I’ve learned to make them prettier. Once I have the scenario work completed, I can start work on the H-Scenes for Chapter 1.