Screenshots from Adventure Mode: Chapter 1

Some screenshots showing you what Chapter 1 looks like.

Black/Gold UI from 1.60a


Added in version 1.60a, this UI uses a darker palette and shows an actual map of the mansion underneath the UI parts. The spiffiness is hard to describe here.

Screenshots from 1.00e

Screenshots showing how the remastering looks. Spiffy!

3D Screenshots from 1.20a

Shots from the 3D mode showing the environment and some of the interface. The mansion’s layout is still in progress.

3D Screenshots with per-distance shading


A very simple per-distance black fog shader provides a world of difference in terms of how the game looks. It’s literally just (gl_FragCoord.w * 5.0f)!

I’m hesitant to go any further with shading since I know a lot of users are running this program on extremely old machines and diagnosing shader problems can be a real headache. This will suffice for now.

Alternative UI Comparison


Some people requested a larger UI in 1.20a, so that’s this. The character pane is considerably larger and the HP/WP/Stam bars are shifted over to compensate. Also, the inventory will gain a scrollbar if you pick up enough items.

It works better in widescreen since it consumes a lot more screen space. You can toggle it on the 3D options menu.