Prototype 2 Survey Results + Discussion

Comrades, last week I asked the patrons to fill out a brief survey on Prototype 2. The survey is anonymous so I don’t know who, exactly, filled it out, but big thanks to the ones who did! Let’s look at those results.

Q1: Do you like Mei’s personality?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Now this really brightens my day. Mei is meant to be a likeable protagonist and everyone polled liked her.

Q2: Do you like Florentina’s personality?
Yes: 50%
No: 25%
Didn’t encounter her: 25%

This is about what I had expected. Florentina is a rather brusque character at the best of times. She’ll probably grow on you as the game goes on.

Q3: Which of these characters would you want to see more of?
The Prisoner: 75%
Nadia: 50%
Mei: 25%
Florentina: 25%
Breanne: 25%
Rochea: 25%
Blythe: 0%

Note: This was a “Select all that apply” question, hence not summing to 100%.
I was quite surprised at how much the public liked the Prisoner character. Due to time constraints, we didn’t have time to make unique sprites and portraits for her. The Prisoner character is named Aquillia and you’ll be seeing more of her in Chapter 3 and 6. Due to demand, she will be in Prototype 3 as well, with unique sprites and dialogue.
Nadia was also popular, oddly (YOU THINK IT’S THE PUNS, MAYBE?), so I’ve put in a few more scenes with her. I also worked her into the Werecat TF scene but only if you’ve met her and Florentina beforehand.

Blythe was unpopular. Fortunately he’s a very minor character, so that’s okay. Everyone else on the list has gotten at least some extra scenes or dialogue due to popular demand. Your vote matters!

Q4: Which was your favourite cutscene?
Mei’s Alraune TF: 25%
Mei’s Slime TF: 25%
Alraune/Bee H-Scene: 25%
Meeting Karina after Mei becomes a bee: 25%

Okay, wasn’t expecting this. The scenes with sexy content getting votes made perfect sense, but the scene where Mei meets up with Karina after the bee transformation? Well, okay then.
The general verdict is that H-scenes and TF scenes are popular, as expected. I don’t know how I’m going to write more scenes like the Karina one, but I’ll try my best.
If you voted for the Karina scene, feel free to message me. I need to know what you liked about it, so I can do more of that in the future.

Q5: If you could pick one thing to see more of, which would it be?
More H-Scenes! I love porn! #1 Porn! : 50%
More enemies, more variety of enemies: 50%

Another stunning upset, only half of respondents wanted more H-scenes. The rest of them wanted more combat variety.
You guys know this is an ecchi game, right?
Jokes aside, I’ll see what I can do about more enemies. Due to budget constraints, we can’t do a TF for every enemy we add but we can tie them in to the other enemies. Maybe there are more monstrous things serving the cultists? Maybe there are other ghost forms besides the upcoming maid version?

Q6: On a completely unbiased scale out of 10, what would you rate this game?
Average was 6.25

A 6.25!? Considering how massively incomplete and broken the game is as of Prototype 2, a 6.25 is pretty darn impressive. I was expecting a 3, to be honest. Nothing warms a developer’s heart quite like people actually liking their work.

So that’s the survey for prototype 2.
Everyone who responded to the survey is going to get more of what they asked for. If you were a 5$ patron and didn’t fill the survey out, make sure you do so next time, because that one will be even more important – it’ll determine which chapter we develop next!

For everyone who read this far, there’ll be a bit more news on Prototype 3 on the Development Update this week. Otherwise, feel free to argue about this on the forums.

Development Update: July 17th, 2017

Numbers and Patreon Stuff

First, the budget info and a bonus inking video have been uploaded to the Patreon. Go take a look, it’s public info!

In addition, 5$ patrons or higher get to steer the game’s development with a poll. If you’re one such patron, or want to become one, please go fill it out. These surveys tell the team which things we need to be focusing on.

For Development

I’ve worked my way through my entire backlog of Chapter 1 improvements, so now it’s all new content from this point on. Here’s what the plans are for new content in Chapter 1 before I consider it complete:

  • Quantir Mansion and the rest of the main story for Chapter 1
  • Bee Hive subquest
  • Salt Flats subquest
  • Breanne’s Flowers subquest
  • Florentina’s Past subquest
  • Trap Basement mini-dungeon


Here’s the changelog for Adventure Mode Prototype 3 (which isn’t out yet, stop asking). I probably forgot a few things, but this is the bulk of it.

  1. Added goats.
  2. Please do not bother the goat.
  3. You can now save and load the game again! The game can handle up to 100 (!) savefiles. If you need that many, then I was wrong about you…
  4. Downed party members cannot act or be targetted by enemies.
  5. All scenes have been updated with Florentina’s portraits, where appropriate. A few scenes have new lines from her as well.
  6. Added target info box to combat, so you can see what the attack will do and to who.
  7. Fixed a bug where the target flag when using an item wasn’t updating correctly.
  8. Fixed a bug where healing text for slimes would appear in the wrong spot.
  9. Mei and Florentina will sometimes exchange words after combat.
  10. Some enemies now move in patrols or follow one another to act as a team.
  11. Some enemies are faster or will chase you further than others. Be careful!
  12. Fixed a few bugs about cooldowns not resetting between combats.
  13. Gave Florentina’s sprite an eyepatch.
  14. You can now talk to party members when resting at a campfire.
  15. Fixed a bug with bee enemies not setting their attack properties correctly.
  16. Fixed a bug where systems with drivers not supporting OpenGL3.1 or earlier wouldn’t load textures. (Thanks, RepeatedMeme!)
  17. More plants can now be spoken to than just the ones in civilian areas.
  18. Mei now uses “Blind” instead of “Throw Sand”.
  19. Health-stealing attacks now use a percentage of damage dealt.
  20. Running as you enter a cutscene will no longer keep you running during the scene.
  21. Boat oars no longer double-stack if not purchased.
  22. Florentina now has dialogue when resting, with a random element. Some may trigger after certain events happen.
  23. Added [[EXTRA SPOOKY TEXT]] for [[EXTRA SPOOKY DIALOGUE]]. If you get spooked, I accept no liability.
  24. Karina should no longer re-introduce herself during the post-bee cutscene if you’ve already met her.
  25. Florentina will respond differently during the post-slime cutscene if she hasn’t seen Mei’s runestone in action.
  26. Rochea now has some additional dialogue topics.
  27. Florentina seems to have a bit of history with Rochea…
  28. Mei is now correctly immune to Terrify as a slime.
  29. You can no longer use items more than once per turn, and items will grey out if they cannot be used.
  30. The command panel will no longer represent data incorrectly when the player’s turn is starting.
  31. Updated the joypad code to be less awful. Sticks should now work in SDL.
  32. Added the escaped prisoner NPC!
  33. Added voluntary bee TF if you can make it to the hive while a human. Florentina will even comment on it later!
  34. Decision entry now has a 1/2 second delay so you don’t accidently hit a choice while trying to speed up the text.
  35. Added stairs SFX.
  36. Added stun dynamics.
  37. Mei now has special abilities up to level 5. Find the Fencer’s Friend books to learn them!
  38. Florentina now has special abilities up to level 5. Find the Murderer’s Monthly books to learn them!
  39. Expanded the bookshelf in the cabin near the trading post.
  40. You can no longer talk to Karina from the cliff edge below her…
  41. Added a library to Blythe’s office with lots of tips on combat.

Argue about this post on the forums!

Development Update: July 10, 2017

So now I’m down to 10 more trello cards before I start work on the Quantir estate. A few of these are waiting on art assets but I can always use placeholders in the meantime.

More importantly, my schedule is opening up as of this week. I have some minor work on another project to finish up and then I can spend 4 days a week working on Pandemonium instead of the usual 1. Hurray!

Some of the tasks completed this week, during a particularly productive session, were dialogue with Florentina at campfires, combat dialogues, and some bugfixes like healing displaying in the wrong spot in combat.

Patrons: There will be a poll next week along with the budget documentation. The poll will allow you to shape my objectives for the rest of Chapter 1. If you’re not a patron, sign up today!

Development Update: July 3, 2017

Reports from the front indicate that the issue with textures not loading has been resolved (Thanks, RepeatedMeme!). My schedule is still screwed for this week, but I have been trying to get some things done in what time I have.

Currently, I’m working through the (long) log of bugs, suggestions, and assorted hoo-hah that I got from Prototype 2. Presently I’m working on improvements to overworld enemies in the interest of making them more threatening. I’ve also:

  • Goats
  • Normalized skill books for both Mei and Florentina
  • Fixed up Florentina’s sprites
  • Goats
  • Florentina now has proper dialogue portraits
  • New emergency-revert scene when you lose a battle as a non-human.
  • More dialogue for plants.
  • Goats
  • New equipment vendor and Breanne sells and forges equipment.
  • Saving, Loading, etc.
  • Patrolling enemies.
  • Fast enemies.
  • Goats

Now I have to go to bed to wake up early and work myself to death. Back to the grind.

Development Update: June 26, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised by the response to Prototype 2. Lots of people like it and the direction it’s going in, which is a huge relief.

There was only one person who reported technical issues. I’ll be sorting those out later this week when I have time (my schedule is still ruined for maybe 2 more weeks…).

Positive News: In exchange for work on a small project, CocoMint has agreed to help as a colorist for Pandemonium! It’ll be a while before said small project is completed, but when it is our asset production speed should go up a bit.

Coding News: In the small amount of spare time I have, I’ve fixed up several of the bugs that were mentioned and made a list of fixes I need to put in. There’s a lot more content for Chapter 1 that needs to be done, so a Patron-Prototype will probably be released in August.

Patron Bonus: If you’re a Patron, click here for some bonus art.

Adventure Prototype 2

So here it is, Adventure Prototype 2. Been killing myself to get this one done between my work schedule.

There are several bugs I know about, and probably dozens I don’t know about. Please provide detailed bug reports if you are so inclined.

Please note: Saving and Loading have been disabled as I have not had time to fix the SDL issue nor update the format to match the new combat design.

Download (Windows)

Download (Mac)

As always provide feedback on the forums.