About the Game

The Game

In 2014, a person by the name of Passalel made a game. It was called House of Pandemonium, and it was pretty fun.

It was built in Inform, and clunky as all get-out. Due to the language limitations, it had bugs, ran slowly, and was a chore. The gameplay, however, was fun, and there was lots of content.

Then, development went dark. Nothing was heard for a long time. This was actually because Passalel had suffered a major hard drive failure, and lost all of the files used to make the game’s graphics.

So then I (Salty) said to myself, “I bet you can make this game again in a new engine, remove all the problems, and improve the experience with new features and a more robust scripting system.”

That has happened, and now you get to play it. Head on over to the downloads page to download this game, or go to the TFGamesSite forum to bicker about it with other like-minded squareheads.

The Idiots Making It

SaltyJustice is the coder and project lead. It was his (bad) idea to remaster the game, plan it, code it, and release it. You can contact him on the TFGamesSite forum (send a pm, I check it often, I promise!).

Rune MFB is an artist who has volunteered to create and recreate art for the game. Rune has periodic art posts showing art that will be featured in the upcoming Enhanced Mode.

Passelel is the game’s original creator. Since version 1.60a, he has become involved (potentially) with working on writing and possibly scripting for Adventure Mode.