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The current version of HoP:Remastered is Adventure v1.04. It was released on January 29th, 2018.

Pandemonium Adventure 1.04 Download

This version is a bundled Mac and Windows release. If you are having difficulty running the OSX version, please check this page. You should also request help on the forum if possible.

Previous Adventure Mode Releases

Because versions below v1.03 contained some bugs which could cause savefile corruption, they have been discontinued. I’ve also removed the previous Prototypes as they are no longer necessary (and are eating my storage space). If you want a copy for historical reasons, send me a PM on the forums.

Previous 2.00+ Releases

2.00 signifies the full release of Corrupter Mode.

Version 2.00b (Windows: Mediafire) (OSX 10.12 Sierra Unpacked: Mediafire)

Version 2.00a (Windows :Mediafire) (OSX 10.12 Sierra Bundled: Mediafire Unpacked: Mediafire) (January 30th, 2017)

Previous 1.00+ Releases

These releases are prototypes featuring 3D mode. They may actually have introduced new bugs to 2D mode, so proceed with caution.

Version 1.90a (Windows: Mediafire) (OSX 10.12 Sierra Bundled: Mediafire Unpacked: Mediafire) (January 16th, 2017)

Version 1.80a (Windows: Mediafire) (OSX 10.12 Sierra Bundled: Mediafire Unpacked Mediafire)

Version 1.60a (Windows/Mac: Mediafire) (January 2nd, 2017) (OSX Patch)

Version 1.40b (Windows: Mediafire) (December 12th, 2016)

Version 1.40a (Windows: Mediafire) (December 5th, 2016)

Version 1.20a (Windows: Mediafire) (November 28th, 2016)

Previous 1.00 Releases

Feature complete for the initial remastering.

Version 1.00e (Windows: Mediafire) (October 12th, 2016)

Version 1.00d (Windows: Mediafire) (October 3rd, 2016)

Version 1.00c (Windows: Mediafire) (September 30th, 2016)

Version 1.00b (Windows: Mediafire) (September 26th, 2016)

Version 1.00a (Windows: Mediafire) (September 22nd, 2016)

Alpha Releases

Prototypes and incomplete copies. Kept here as a time capsule to show how far the game came.

Version 0.95a (Windows: Mediafire) (August 27th, 2016)

Version 0.80a (Windows: Mediafire) (July 7th, 2016)

Version 0.70a (Windows: Mediafire) (June 20th, 2016)

Version 0.60a (Windows: Mediafire) (May 24th, 2016)

Version 0.50a (Windows: Mediafire) (February 28th, 2016)

Version 0.30a (Windows: Mediafire) (January 26th, 2016)

Version 0.25a (Windows: Mediafire) (January 16th, 2016)


Utilities used during development, or that are otherwise useful on their own merits.

Original HoP Images (Mediafire)

Collection of all the images from the original game, unsorted, in .png format. Create your own remastering! Or, you know, don’t.

Inform Image Extractor (Windows: Mediafire)

Windows 32-bit executable, extracts all images from a given .gblorb file and dumps them on the hard drive. Should work with any inform files of the same nature. No build available for Mac/Unix, though the source can be found here if you want to compile it yourself.


The ideal site for discussion is the TFGamesSite forum. I will try to read and reply to comments on this site, but it might take longer. That forum post also contains past update notices and patch notes.